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What this Jamaican book has to offer you

Jamaicans are filled with courage, adventure and an intense desire to achieve the unbelievable. They created one of the most recognizable brands in the world, which brings over 4 million tourists to its shores annually.   


In  this book on Jamaica's history, culture and achievements, you will interact with the the brand builders from the many spheres of Jamaican life.  Experience some of the incredible achievements of Jamaica and Jamaicans, while immersing yourself in its  rich and vibrant culture. 


Read about the record-breaking achievements of Usain Bolt, Chris Gayle, Courtney Walsh, Lawrence Rowe, Merlene Ottey, Veronica Campbell-Brown, the "Pocket Rocket" Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and swimming sensation Alia Atkinson.  See some of the island's  best inventors and the products they have created, including Dr. Thomas Lecky, Dr. Henry Lowe, Dr. Paula Tennant, Dr Manley West, Dr Albert Lockhart and Harlo Mayne.  

You might also be excited to view the lists of dominant Jamaican high school football (soccer) teams from the 20th century to now.  Did you know that Jamaica was the first English colony to establish a post office; Jamaica’s railway system was the first to open to passengers outside of Europe and North America; and Jamaica was the first commercial producer of bananas in the western hemisphere?

You probably didn't even know that the youngest and first black person to fly solo around the world; the only non-American to win the Scripps Spelling Bee championship, and the first Caribbean woman to be crowned Miss World were all Jamaicans?.  Do you know the enviable placement Jamaica holds on the list of countries that won the Miss World Competition?   How about the first person outside of the United States to win The Voice, and the first person outside the United Kingdom who won The Xfactor?  

See the names and award years of the large number of Rhodes scholars from Jamaica between 1904 and 2017.  What about ‘Notable Persons’ born in each of the 14 parishes in Jamaica!  Would you be able to guess which country the first black female professor of neurosurgery at Stanford, and the first black female brigadier general in the United States Marine came from?

These are among the hundreds of fascinating facts and information that complement the 180 crossword, word search and fill-in puzzles in: Jamaica-Culture, History & Achievements.


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Research shows that puzzles may slow cognitive decline.  Enjoy, learn, stay sharp and smart!

This book is informative, educational and entertaining for the entire family.

A review excerpt from the Ministry of Education(Jam)

  • There are useful historical, cultural and other important information about the country, its people as well as its physical attributes from which students and adults can learn. 

  • The language used in the puzzle book is simple and appropriate for the intended audience.  

  • Its users will be exposed to a wide range of new vocabulary both in Standard Jamaican English and Patois. 

  • The puzzle book provides the opportunity for integration in areas such as reading, spelling, mathematics, physical education, social studies, history and geography which encourages cross curricula links. 

  • The puzzle book can be used for both small groups (paired) and individual work. 

  • The activities in the puzzle book may promote critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity which are a focus of the National Standards Curriculum. For example: students/users are asked to use clues based on sentences given, to find railway stations that are missing – this promotes critical thinking. 

  • Cross word puzzles require students to use their critical thinking skills to find answers to solve the phrases. 

  • The puzzle book provides the opportunity for students to extend and reinforce concepts that have been learnt in a wide range of subject areas.

What people are saying about

Jamaica- History, Culture & Achievements

“Informative and entertaining!”
Victor M. Brown, PhD, MBA
(Dean, Division of Business, Arts and Social Sciences at Bergen Community College, New Jersey)

 “It's excellent!  There's so much fascinating information about Jamaica presented in a most entertaining way.”

Dr. Carolyn Cooper

(Author and Literary Critic) 

“I love it.  I think it is a very innovative tool. It's educational and comprehensive. Packed full of info.”

 Janet Silvera

(Awarding Winning Senior Journalist, Jamaica Gleaner)

 “This is quite impressive and such a brilliant idea.  I must admit, I did learn quite a bit from it.”

T’Shura Gibbs

(JPS Regional Manager; President, Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce)

 “An excellent effort on your part. I endorse it fully.” 

 Lloyd B. Smith

(Managing Director and Editor, Western Mirror; Former Member of Parliament) 

“Well done and very informative.  I love it.  Amazing that you compiled our history in one book in that fun-loving fashion.”  Suzanne Sewell Whyte (Entrepreneur)

Why you should get a copy

Apart from the reasons mentioned above here are  6 great reasons to get your copy

Informative & Educational

One of the common sentiments expressed by reviewers of the Jamaica Puzzles book is that it is informative and educational. You will discover many interesting facts about Jamaica and Jamaicans:

  • History

  • Sports

  • Culture

  • Music

  • Language

  • Your favourite food, fruits, nuts, veggies and other things

  • High schools

  • Caves and rivers

  • Districts and towns in every parish

  • National Heroes, Governors General, Prime Ministers, 

  • 180 crossword, word search and fill-in puzzles

And much more!

Fun & Entertaining

You will laugh, smile, feel challenged and enjoy the status of a champion, after going through the 180 crossword, word search and fill-in puzzles.  You may see words and phrases that you haven't heard in decades, be forced to call a friend or relative for solutions and be tempted to carry the book with you on your daily journeys.  Don't feel bad when this happens, you are not alone in this regard.  This is all part of the fun and enjoyment that other owners have been reporting

Teaching Opportunity

As you go through the pages of the Jamaica Puzzle book you will become smarter on Jamaica and Jamaicans.  Your new expertise puts you in the position to teach those who are not so familiar, such as your kids, non-Jamaicans and persons too young to experience Jamaica of the past.  This is a good position to be in as you become an ambassador for Jamaica.

Great keepsake

The information in the book is a great reference resource. Let it enhance the collection in your library.

Perfect Jamaican gift

The Jamaica Puzzles book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in Jamaican history, culture and people.  Get copies for families, friends, colleagues, employees and co-workers.  They will love it especially at birthdays, to celebrate promotions and graduations or you can use it just to say "thank you."


If you find yourself reminiscing on the "good old days" then this book is the cure for you.  The "Facts on Jamaica and Jamaicans" will bring back so much memories of successes and achievements.  "Jamaican High Schools" and the high school football competitions will take you back to some memorable days of your youth. "Fruits, Nuts, Veggies & other things Jamaican" along with "Your favourite food" will remind you of some of your most tasty delicacies.  Walk through the places in your parish and enjoy the journeys you took when you were younger. See words and phrases on the "speak Jamaican" pages and unlock the memories of the unique and fascinating Jamaican language, while the "Beaches in Jamaica" will remind you of the white sand, clear water experiences you have had.



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