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Cornwallian provides new view on Jamaica

It would be difficult to forget the record-breaking 18 straight wins for Cornwall College in the 2016 DaCosta Cup competition, which gave the red and gold their 12th lien on the cup. But how much do you know about the school’s history in the rest of the football competitions? Did you know that they are the leading champion in the Ben Francis, joint 4th on the list of Oliver Shield champions and one of four schools to have won it 10 times or more? Sports a side, would you be able to name the three Rhodes Scholars from Cornwall?

These are only some of the achievements in a new book: Jamaica – Puzzles, History and Achievements, by Cornwallian Patrick Green. In this educational, informative and entertaining keepsake, Mr. Green created 120 crossword, word search and fill-in puzzles that give every Jamaican a chance to relive Jamaica like never before.

Former Cornwallian, Victor M. Brown, PhD, MBA (Dean, Division of Business, Arts and Social Sciences at Bergen Community College, New Jersey) said the book is “Informative and entertaining!” Another Cornwallian, Lloyd B Smith (Managing Director - Western Mirror) said it is “An excellent effort on your part. I endorse it fully,” while honorary Cornwallian and award-winning journalist, Janet Silvera said, “I love it. I think it is a very innovative tool. It's educational and comprehensive. Packed full of info.”

To see a sample of the book and other information, log on to www.jamaicapuzzles.com

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