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Fun-filled Jamaican Book now available locally in Canada

Miguel San Vicente, owner of A Different Booklist, accepts the first copy of Jamaica - Puzzles, History & Achievements from Author, Patrick Green

Jamaicans in Canada and more so in Toronto and the surrounding metro areas, will now be able to get the new Jamaican book: Jamaica - Puzzles, History & Achievements, by walking into local book store, A Different Booklist. The store which is located at 779 Bathurst Street serves the Caribbean community and has been in existence for twenty-two years.

The book is a compendium of valuable information on Jamaica's history, culture and achievements, arranged in 120 crosswords, word-search and fill in puzzles.

Author and publisher, Patrick Green expressed tremendous excitement about the new deal and said the "availability of the book in local stores will give the large Jamaican population in Toronto and surrounding areas, the same fun and enjoyment being experienced by Jamaicans in the USA and Europe."

Owner of A Different Booklist, Miguel San Vicente, said "the book is a valuable presentation of knowledge through fun and activities, that is certain to benefit Jamaicans and Jamaicans at heart."

The book is also available on jamaicapuzzles.com, for purchases in the USA, Canada and Europe.

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