• Patrick Green

Suzanne Sewell Whyte is first!

Starting a business venture is not for the weak. There are challenges abound, but the possibility of success and the desire to provide a solution always keep the courageous entrepreneurs going.

Throughout the process you will achieve milestones. These are the achievements that provide motivation, willpower, strength and the 'stick-to-it-iveness' to carry you along the journey. Of all the milestones to be achieved, the most memorable one will be your first sale. This is justification, proof and confirmation that your hard work and sleepless nights are worth something. It brings joy, pleasure and of course hope for the future. But make no mistake about it, is not an indication of 'arrival', just the beginning of the next chapter. From here on, the road will still be rough. There will still be challenges and yes, depending on how you proceed, there will be success on the journey.

At exactly 11:21 pm last night I got that confirmation! Suzanne Sewell Millionairess Whyte made the very first order of Jamaica - Puzzles, History and Achievements. This is the conversation as it took place on Facebook:

As you can see I was pretty excited. Thank you Suzanne for being my first customer. You have allowed me to make the first step and the most important one, on a journey that I know will be long and successful.


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